Pablo Tomek – Lipstick trace – 11/10 au 17/11 – Makassini Contemporary gallery, Finlande

Pablo Tomek – Lipstick trace – 11/10 au 17/11 – Makassini Contemporary gallery, Finlande

Exposition personnelle Lipstick trace de Pablo Tomek à la Makassini Contemporary gallery, Finlande jusqu’au 17 novembre 2019.

Vernissage le 10 octobre

Born in Paris, Pablo Tomek,
uses as sponge industrial cleaning sponges.
Main tool to paint, apply paint in large and expressive gestures on large canvases.
Water flows through the work process when it uses the power of a pressure washer
to remove the layers of paint still wet. From the shapes left behind, Tomek starts creating the
appearance and composition of the painting.

« Trace of lipstick »
Who has never tried drawing with lipstick before?
lipstick is the result of an instinctive practice of drawing in many of us, artists or not ….

Lipstick is a drawing tool familiar to many people because it can be used as a pen or
felt tip on a variety of surfaces.
He embroidered a free and instinctive painting.
Even though Tomek does not use lipstick as a tool, the
The top layer might give that impression. The traits applied on the pure color
the gradients of the soil layer seem to float in the color space – characteristic of
Tomek’s work and an element that catches the attention of the viewer.
The work of color sensitivity takes on a particularly important dimension,
all look almost perfect, almost digital.

In his new works, the sponge has narrowed, recalling in places a brush, and
the new approach to color brought brilliant tones.
References to characters, drawings and letters made by others come from Tomek’s history around the world.
graffiti and street observation, which blend subtly with the tradition of abstract expressionism.
The stolen figuration of the street continues to take a special place in the vocabulary of the form that
tries to marry with a frantic and almost hysterical madness and a so-called « saturation » painting.

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