A pearl laser on the gothic holodeck – 30/01 au 29/02 – Coherent Bruxelles

A pearl laser on the gothic holodeck – 30/01 au 29/02 – Coherent Bruxelles

Exposition collective A pearl laser on the gothic holodeck à Coherent Bruxelles du 30 janvier au 29 février 2020 avec Kajahl, Manuel Cornelius, Lauren Fejarang, Kathy Goodell, Kyle Hittmeier, Michael Jones McKean, Kate McQuillen, Amanda Nedham, Cecilia Salama, Andrew Paul Woolbright.

Vernissage jeudi 30 janvier de 19h à 2h

What is the difference between a portal and a mirage?
Philip K. Dick’s perception of the world was transformed by a pink laserbeam, a bright light that
bounced off of a necklace and entered his brain through his eyes, revealing that the world is
superimposed of multiple timelines; the cul-de-sac exists at the same time as the Roman
Coliseum and the Christian gladiatorial fights. A portal opened the shape and size of his head, a
fishbowl of perception and layered reality.
What makes it through the portal is affected by materialist replacement and switch, of
fragmentation and l’informe. Every color is faded soft by the reality hopping. A garden of forking
paths lands in the gallery space, everything changed and transmuted by the shift of time and
space. Here are images and objects of undisclosed hierarchies and anachronism. It is a
figuration of humanoids, chimeras, and alternate timelines; an abstraction of debris, protean
language, fragments and goo. Holodeck gothic.

font in use (back ) : RR symphony designed by Arthur Teboul

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