The Palm Beach

The Palm Beach

The Palm Beach Art Space or when Sandrine Viu Masia opens her Art Deco house to the artists!

The approach is original, set the art work « comme chez soi ».

This is the challenge or rather one of Sandrine Viu Masia’s passions, who opened an art gallery a few years ago,The Art Project, in the heart of the Marolles. Already, at the time, she broke the codes of the immaculate white cube by installing a « lounge area » where you can take a break between reading and meeting people.

Two years ago, a bit weary of the constraints generated by the management of a gallery, she wanted more freedom.
Moving around artists, discovering emerging talents, proposing another way to meet them.

An outstanding private Art Deco house designed by Joseph Diongre (INR place Flagey) in 1929,
her home, an address book, artists chosen within love and passion have become the ingredients of this new approach to art.
Even openings have a different flavour. « Visitors are not here by chance. They travel to meet an artist. » And, the openings are an opportunity to exchange their impressions, to get to know each other before buying.

For the past two years, Sandrine has been working on her instincts and has allowed herself to go from one work to another, from one style to another. « My job is successful when there is a symbiosis between the paintings and the house. When you no longer ask yourself whether or not it belongs to me »

Success requires, the exhibitions succeed one another but do not look like each other:
​from the daring photo to the abstract painting through drawing….

​Its purpose? Share and allow artists to move out of their comfort zone. « During the first meeting, we get to know each other and, as the discussions progress, things settle down and the artists reveal themselves completely because they feel confident. »

Il n’y a actuellement aucun évènement.
Il n’y a actuellement aucun évènement.
Il n’y a actuellement aucun évènement.