Exposition collective Ghost du 27 octobre au 10 novembre à Guest Projects, London.

Avec les artistes Alix Marie, Hicham Gardaf, Hana Tefrati, Léa Dumayet, Lina Laraki, Noureddine Ezarraf, Jean Feline, Florence Devereux, Taïs Bean.

Vernissage le samedi 27 octobre 2018 de 19h à 22h
Mint Works showcases nine commissioned works from North African and European artists, working with past collaborators as well as new practitioners for the show. The works are poetic responses to GHOST, with some observing social-political concerns and others touching on artists intimate experiences of their exploration into the roles of guest and host. The works converse through the mediums of sculpture, video, text and installation.
There will be a performance programme during the private view. 
How do you host? What does it mean to be a guest? With the global rise of nationalism, Brexit and the refugee crisis, ideas around belonging and territory are changing. It is critical to engage in cross-cultural and open-minded dialogue during these times of change. Welcome to GHOST – a multidisciplinary month-long programme of events and exhibition at Guest Projects, Yinka Shonibare’s London residency space.
Funded by Arts Council England and other supporters from across Europe and Morocco, GHOST will exhibit nine commissioned works of emerging artists from the UK, Morocco and France. Up and coming London-based artists like Alix Marie will exhibit alongside artists such as Hicham Gardaf, who have never shown in the city before. A surrounding programme of performances, lectures, workshops and screenings invites audience and participants alike to reflect on what it means to be a guest or a host at a time when notions of otherness are being challenged and the global community faces issues around home.

GHOST is curated by the Marrakech-based curatorial collective Mint Works, founded and run by Florence Devereux, Jean Feline and Taïs Bean. Since 2013 the collective has been working between London, Marrakech and Paris, producing experimental cultural programmes.


Hicham Gardaf_Inhabiting_The City as a Hostile Host_Ghost_Guest Projects_London
Hicham Gardaf, Inhabiting – The City as a Hostile Host, photographs series, 2018
Guest Projects
1 Andrews Road, E8 4QL
Du mardi au dimanche de midi à 18h.
Full programme details:   http://mintworks.org/GHOST/Programme